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Leveling & Lippage Removal, Diamond Grinding and Diamond Polishing,polishing without chemicals such as oxalic acid, waxes and crystallization on Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Travertine, Onyx, Serpentine, Limestone, Natural and Artificial Stone, Concrete.

Searching for internet information and craftsmanship for grinding, polishing and sealing marble, terrazzo, granite, etc., you can find many so-called “marble polishing experts” speaking about "new techniques", "natural polishing free of chemicals", "new equipment", "diamonds", "older marble abrasives", "wet polishing", " crystallization ", experience of 10, 20, 30, 40 years " (in older techniques), " mirror polishing", etc.

Art on Polishing, despite being a new company, has worked intently on new grinding, polishing, cleaning and sealing techniques for years. We collaborate with the world's best manufacturers and suppliers, we attend training courses and seminars all over the word, acquiring essential knowledge, skills and expertise. In any case, we respect the work, the techniques and the experience of colleagues (in older techniques), but in our website we try to provide information about our own methods and their advantages and not to devalue the work of our colleagues. Everything listed on our website, reflects reality and is the result of research rather than personal opinion.

Grinding and Polishing Process: Older and Newer Techniques

Common Polishing process includes grinding with traditional Silicon Carbide Abrasive Stones or diamond tools, up to 1000-3000 grit and polishing with additives such as oxalic acid, crystallization, waxes etc. Polishing by every form of oxalic acid additives is a chemical process and it can create good final polishing results only in some types of marbles (calcitic marbles), limestones, travertines and onyx. In all other cases, dolomitic marbles, ophicalcitic marbles (green marbles), most of limestones, granites etc. acid polishing additives have no satisfactory results and almost always, the use of wax polishings, crystallization etc. is necessary.

In any case, machines that work with wet diamond tools (water lubricates during grinding process), prepare the surface for the final polishing better and more quickly compared to the old traditional machines using older Silicon Carbide Abrasives. Essentially, diamond grinding is not the final polishing, the final grinded surface is a matte finish with enough grinding marks. The final polishing, as in the old traditional machines with Silicon Carbide Abrasives, is always made with chemical additives (use of oxalic acid polishing powders, waxes, crystallization, etc.). In fact, it is not diamond polishing but diamond grinding and polishing with chemical additives. The final polishing result is up to how capable the craftsman is to apply chemical additives.

Final Polishing Additives: Crystallization and Chemical Liquids for Polishing

In particular, it is very common to use crystallization or other chemical liquids for polishing. Composition of crystallization and similar products is mainly of polymer polishings and waxes that are buffed with a polishing pad and steel wool (waxes are heated by steel wool and give shine). Crystallization creates a “fake polishing” above a matte finish (the result of the grinding process is not a polished surface but a matte finish with enough grinding marks). Crystallization's final polishing result is never better than the factory polishing or our polishing. Crystallization, because of the wax-based composition, cannot be combined with sealing (below or above oil based stain protection sealers), due to the fact that the surface gets clogged, not able to "breathe"  and as consequence it becomes yellowish and gets dirty after a while. Crystallization could never create high-quality polishing, with extreme clarity, and mirror vertical reflection. These are the reasons why we never use crystallization for final polishing.

The main reasons for which crystallization is very popular are: i) technicians do not know another polishing technique ii) wax covers scratches, bad grinding, unpolished edges that “look good” for a while, iii) it is a very quick process and iv) it is inexpensive.

Our Polishing Techniques: Perfect Even Surface & Amazing Diamond Polishing

We only use diamond tools for polishing floors, countertops, wall coverings, staircases in residential, commercial areas and yachts. Our Marble, Granite, Onyx, Ophicalcitic, Serpentine, Travertine, Limestone, Concrete Polishing is much more intense, as you can see through photos and videos in OUR WORK section. 

Our new machines do much better grinding, creating an almost perfect even finish (no “waves”, when we grind the surface from levelling-lippage removal step) and have the ability to adjust to the needs of marble, granite, terrazzo and concrete floor (weight, speed variation, use of new technology diamonds etc.). You can see the perfect levelling and polishing, through photos and videos in OUR WORK section.