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Cleaning and Maintenance Marble, Terrazzo, Granite. How to keep your surface clean. Instructions for Mop & Detergents

We can give you any information about the maintenance of your natural stone surfaces. Materials such as marble, terrazzo, granite, artificial marble and granite, concrete, require frequent cleaning and mopping with specific products, which can be purchased from specialty stores. It is not good to buy cleansers and detergents found in Supermarkets or other Big Stores, because most of the times, they can destroy the surface. In addition, antique, scrambled, sandblasted surfaces and floors of marble, granite, mosaic, require special care to keep clean. If you follow the maintenance instructions we will give you, your surface will stay clean for much longer.
Very important for keeping your surface clean for long time, is SEALING (protection from stains such as oil, wine, ink, food, sauces, dirt mopping etc.). You can learn more about sealing in article Sealing and Colour Enhancing Marble, Granite etc.