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To measure marble, terrazzo and granite polishing we use a high sensitivity glossmeter, a special tool that accurates/measures surface reflection of light. Our glossmeter's range is 1 to 200 (200 degrees - display “1” in glossmeter- is the mirror reflection of light). It is worth noting that Art on Polishing has been using glossmeter since 2006 and our marble, terrazzo, granite etc. polishing techniques development is based on reliable measurements and not on empirical observations.

Most glossmeters in the market have different ranges (0-100, 0-130 etc) and can not accurately measure high gloss over 140 to 200 (over 80-90 on their range). Factory automatic polishing machines and technicians in general, rarely exceed 80-90 in their own glossmeters (140 to 200 in ours) and glossmeters are designed with these specifications. An easy to polish calcitic marble polished with oxalic acid (in any form) reaches no more than 140-150 to 200 (85-92 in different ranges) and it is undoubtedly good polishing. Polishing with crystallization could never reach this limit (140-150 in our glossmeter and 85-92 in other ranges), since crystallization does not offer quality polishing with depth and clarity. All our different polishing qualities are much better than factory finish and exceed these measurements. Typical example is the gloss measurement in pure calcitic Skyros marble and granite, which you can see in the pictures on the right.

In category of the pure calcitic marble (Carrara, Calacatta, Dionyssos, Marmara, Afyon etc.), we have reached the mirror polishing 200 to 200 (about 30% more shine from the factory). You can see gloss measurements through Photos and Videos in OUR WORKS section, Youtube, Dailymotion etc.