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Sometimes is desired a matte finish (outdoors or indoors) that is not slippery and shine. Surfaces can be treated with specific tools and techniques to create honed (smooth matte surface), antique, sandblasted, leather-look finish etc. Result is really fantastic, especially in modern designed areas.


Usually we make antique finish in soft natural stone such as soft marble, limestone, sandstone, travertine. We can also create antique finish as crystalline white marble ( Carrara, Statuario, Dionysos etc.) schists, granites with specific techniques. 

Matte natural stone finish, especially antique, sand-blasted, bush-hammered etc. needs frequently cleaning with specialized products and regular professional maintenance. You can learn more about surface cleaning and maintenance in article Marble & Granite Cleaning & Maintenance.

Matte finish natural stones must be sealed with top breathable impregnating sealer (do not make film) to be protected from stains, dirt, salt attack, efflorescence, freeze thaw spalling etc. Sealing process, especially in matte finish natural stone, requires skills and expertise. We use top breathable impregnating sealers products (do not make film) and apply them with specific techniques.

You can learn more about sealing in article Sealing and Colour Enhancing Marble, Granite etc.