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Edge grinding and polishing in residential areas, commercial areas and yachts is a dust-free process. Our floor grinding and polishing machinery leaves less than a centimeter untreated in edges. We use special tools for edge grinding and polishing. Edges and Corners are polished exactly the same way as the rest of the floor (up to last millimeter).

In residential, small commercial and yacht marble, terrazzo, granite areas, the process of proper edge and corner grinding and polishing, requires almost as much time as needed for the rest of the floor (edges and corners require levelling, grinding and polishing). This is the reason why most technicians use crystallization and wax additives: few of them grind and polish the edges and corners properly (they apply crystallization after one or two honing steps). Next time you see a polished floor, look carefully at edges and corners for scratches, whiter areas from bad grinding (most of the times, dry grinding “burns” edges that become whiter) etc. White “Burned” and “too messy” edges and corners, more than the rest of the floor, than cannot be cleaned is the result of bad grinding and polishing with wax-based additives.

You can see edge polishing through Photos and Videos inOUR WORKsection.