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Sandblasting – Water Sandblasting - Jetting for Cleaning Marble, Granite, Stone, Concrete, Metal, Yachts, Ships etc.

Blastings with various materials and Jettings, are special cleaning techniques on marble, granite, stone, metal, concrete, plaster, etc. for stain removal, rust, graffiti (grafiti), varnish, old paints, surface preparation for paints and other procedures etc. We can apply Sandblasting, Water Sandblasting and Jetting on floors, wall coverings, metal surfaces, boats, ships, stone surfaces, stone houses, etc.

After cleaning marble, granite, stone, concrete and metal, we can apply special sealing products to protect the surface from stains, rust etc. You can learn more about sealing in article Sealing and Colour Enhancing Marble, Granite etc.




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