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Marble & Granite Polishing with New Machines, Innovative Diamond Tools and Up-to-Date Techniques

We have used and attended the demonstration of many grinding and polishing machinery for floors, wall-coverings, staircases etc. and of many innovative grinding and polishing diamond tools. Our new machinery does much better work at grinding, creating an almost perfect and even finish (no "waves", when we grind the surface from leveling-lippage removal step) and has the ability to adjust to the needs of marble, granite, terrazzo and concrete floor (weight, speed variation, reverse direction grinding, use of new technology diamonds etc.).You can see the perfect leveling and polishing, through photos and videos in OUR WORK section. Art on Polishing' s polishing techniques, offer value for money combining good prices with quality and durability.

Our state of the art polishing techniques provide shine with exceptional clarity, mirror vertical reflection and durability, at very reasonable prices. We can achieve different qualities of natural polishing by just using different grid diamond tools (mechanical abrasive friction polishing, without the use of chemical additives). Depending on technique and the kind of diamond tools used, polishing may reach the ultimate mirror gloss effect (we measure polishing with a glossmeter, a special tool that measures surface reflection of light). The polished surface is not at all slippery (compared to wax and crystallization polishing) and is two to four times more durable, compared to floors that have been polished using chemical additives such as oxalic acid, crystallization etc. Our polishing is more durable and lasts longer because we actually polish the marble, terrazo etc. and not just apply a chemical, wax or any other type of polishing on top of a matte finished surface. What is more, in most cases, the price of polishing marble, terrazzo, travertine etc. using our techniques remains the same as competition.

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